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Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes, you know you are at risk of serious health complications, including foot problems. At Las Vegas Footcare, caring podiatrist Pardis Kelly, DPM, provides comprehensive diabetic foot care services. She offers regular foot checks, care for diabetic toenails, and treatment if you develop unusual sores or blisters. Call today to set up your appointment at the Las Vegas, Nevada, office or use this website to arrange your visit online. 

Why is it important to get diabetic foot care?

People with diabetes are at risk of a complication known as peripheral neuropathy. This type of permanent nerve damage causes persistent tingling sensations and numbness in your feet. Eventually, you lose feeling and can’t detect pain from sores, blisters, or other problems that develop. 

Over time, these wounds can worsen and become infected. The infection may spread to other areas of your body and cause you to lose your toes or feet due to tissue degradation. 

Dr. Kelly provides comprehensive diabetic foot care to help you prevent these complications and preserve healthy feet.

What is involved in diabetic foot care?

If you have diabetes, invite Dr. Kelly to be your personal podiatrist. She provides routine foot checks to evaluate you for any hard-to-see blisters, corns, or calluses that could lead to complications. 

Diabetic foot care may also include diagnostic and treatment for issues such as:

  • Cuts or sores
  • Blisters
  • Bruises
  • Calluses
  • Ingrown toenails

Diabetic foot care also includes acute care for foot or toe infections that show up as swelling, discoloration, and foul-smelling discharge. 

What happens during a diabetic foot care consultation?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kelly sits down with you to find out about your personal health history, the course of your diabetes, and any foot symptoms you’re experiencing. She’ll also carefully physically examine your feet to identify any issues that need treatment.

If you have any wounds that need care, she’ll thoroughly clean the area and apply the necessary treatment to help you heal. She’ll also provide follow-up to make sure you’re healing properly. 

You also receive resources that help you keep pristine foot health. These include:

  • Guidance for daily foot checks
  • Daily foot cleaning and moisturizing tips
  • Toenail trimming techniques
  • Lifestyle changes to improve blood circulation in your legs and feet

Dr. Kelly will also help in any way she can to keep you on track with diabetes and blood sugar management, which only improves your foot health.

Schedule with Las Vegas Footcare to get the diabetic foot care you need. Call the office today or use this website to request an appointment online.