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Skin Conditions of the Foot

Your feet are susceptible to developing several skin conditions that compromise their health and your comfort. At Las Vegas Footcare, experienced podiatrist Pardis Kelly, DPM, offers treatment for skin conditions of the foot like warts, athlete’s foot, and fungal nails. Don’t neglect your feet. Call the Las Vegas, Nevada, office today to set up an appointment or use this website to book. 

Why are feet susceptible to skin conditions and disease?

Your feet are closed up in shoes most of the day. When you go barefoot, your feet are exposed to viruses or fungi on the ground. You may not think much about your feet and proper foot care, leading to neglect and skin problems. 

What are common skin conditions of the foot?

Many skin conditions of the foot cause discomfort, foul odor, and deformities. Common skin conditions include:

Fungal toenails

Fungal toenails are thick, discolored, and aesthetically displeasing. They develop when a  fungus enters your body through cuts or cracks in the skin of your toes.


Plantar warts show up as rough, bumpy growths on the bottom of your feet. They develop when you’re exposed to certain strains of the human papillomavirus in a shared shower stall, locker room, or pool deck. Warts can cause foot pain as they often appear on the weight-bearing areas of your foot. 

Dr. Kelly uses effective Swift® technology to remove plantar warts. It delivers low-dose microwave energy to destroy the HPV virus and stimulate your body’s natural healing responses.


When hard bumps of extra-thick skin form on the bottom of your feet or the sides of your toes, you have corns. Corns may develop as you age, resulting from repetitive movement, or accompany bunions or hammertoe. Corns can be painful if they grow on the weight-bearing areas of your feet. 

Dr. Kelly may recommend protective pads or orthotic inserts to prevent friction and irritation of the corn. 

Is athlete’s foot a common skin condition of the foot?

Athlete’s foot is an itchy, painful fungal infection that usually starts between your toes. It is highly contagious, and you may pick it up in warm, moist environments where you go barefoot, like the floor of public showers or pools. 

Pristine foot hygiene and over-the-counter antifungals can usually wipe out athlete’s foot. If needed, Dr. Kelly can prescribe medications to help. 

If you have any skin conditions of the foot, call Las Vegas Footcare today or use the online tool to book your appointment.